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What Is Corpus?

Corpus is friend to the developer tired of box-based content management systems and those looking for more flexibility building websites, web apps, and mobile apps. With Corpus you can virtually build any dynamic content–anywhere. Think of Corpus as your database builder and best intranet software in one, giving you more power for client and server-side development.

Corpus is agnostic to your programming language or platform preferences. Build an app using PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, Coco, C, C++, or simply pull in a JSON feed using jquery. It's up to you.


Web App CMS

Web App CMS

Another CMS? No. The CorpusCMS can fit any HTML-based application. It's virtual, giving developers more power and flexibility.

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Module Builder

Module Builder

Build apps faster, prototype rapidly, and build custom modules that can be deployed anywhere.

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Mobile CMS

Mobile CMS

Do you build mobile apps? Deploy dynamic content inside your apps, giving you and your clients more control.

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